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Communication Guidelines

Oftentimes donor families find comfort in hearing from the recipients of their loved one’s corneas.  A simple card or note can be uplifting in the midst of their grief.

The decision to write to an eye donor family is a personal choice. Many times cornea recipients want to express their feelings upon receiving the gift of sight and to share their stories of sight-restoration with the donor families.

The identities of the donor family and the cornea recipient are kept confidential.  The Alabama Eye Bank accepts correspondence from both recipients and donor families; then forwards these cards or letters to the appropriate party.  This keeps the exchange anonymous.

You may or may not receive a response.  Some donor families say that writing about their loved ones donation helps them in the grieving process.  Other donor families may prefer privacy or may be unable to talk about the donor.  Please communicate in a sensitive manner.

The following guidelines may assist you if you choose to send a card, note or letter to the eye donor family.  If you have any questions, please call the Alabama Eye Bank at 1.877.399.5602 and ask to speak to Jamison Kuehn, Communications Director.

Talk about yourself…
•    Your job or occupation
•    Your family situation (spouse, children, grandchildren)
•    Your hobbies or interests

Talk about your transplant experience…
•    Recognize the donor family and thank them for their gift
•    How has the transplant changed your life?
•    What was your vision like before the transplant?
•    What can you do now that you could not do prior to your surgery?

Closing your card or letter:
•    Sign your first name only
•    Do not reveal your address, city, phone number, name of surgery facility or physician

Please include a separate note with your name, date of surgery and surgeon name.  This will help us mail correspondence to the donor family.  Send correspondence to:

Alabama Eye Bank
Family Services
500 Robert Jemison Road
Birmingham, AL  35209

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