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Medical Examiners

The Alabama Eye Bank appreciates the support of the Department of Forensic Science, the Medical Examiner’s Office and local Coroners.  With your assistance, the Alabama Eye Bank is able to provide the gift of sight to over 2,000 people each year in Alabama and throughout the world.  Making the decision to donate has brought comfort to many families by knowing their loved one was able to restore sight for someone suffering in darkness

As you may know, hospitals are required by CMS to refer all deaths to their local organ procurement organization and eye bank.  Yet, each year nearly half of all deaths in Alabama occur outside of the hospital and go unreported.   We need you to become partners with the Alabama Eye Bank by allowing us to assess potential donors through reporting these deaths.  With a successful partnership, we could potentially double the available transplant tissue.

Here’s how you can help the Alabama Eye Bank give the gift of sight:

  • Call the eye bank after every death
  • Provide medical information to our trained staff to determine if the patient is a candidate for donation
  • Provide next-of-kin information
  • Allow the Alabama Eye Bank Donor Services Coordinators to speak with the family


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