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Eye Donor Month – 2012 Archive

Donor Story – Week 4: Teamwork Spells Eye Donation at Trinity

Unfortunately, every day in Alabama people die. In half of these deaths, hospital and hospice nurses become special members of a unique team concerned with the possibility of providing the Gift of Sight.

And at Trinity, the benefits of this teamwork have worked in more ways than one.

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Donor Story – Week 3: Mr. Clean

Ralph Logan has a penchant for making things look better. You could call him Mr. Clean. A contracted custodian, Ralph loves cleaning things up and making things shine like his favorite hobby, restoring old cars.

“Yep, I like to make things look better. I really enjoy making those old cars look like new,” he said, as he made a hallway shiny and bright after many footsteps, spilled coffee, dirt and grim had been swept, mopped and buffed away. Ralph’s ’77 crimson and white Ford pickup is a prime example of his workmanship, an item he keeps squeaky clean and shiny.

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Proclamation & Recognition of the Alabama Eye Bank from Birmingham, AL Mayor William A. Bell.

March 1st, 2012 Mayor Bell signed a proclamation recognizing the Alabama Eye Bank for our work in the Eye Banking industry in the state of Alabama and other nations in need of tissue.

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Donor Story – Week 3: Eye Donor Family Inspired by Late Sister Decision

Sometimes making a decision to become an eye donor isn’t that easy, but for one family of sisters their late sister’s desire to give her eyes away was enough to inspire them all. “We were all inspired by Judy’s courage and desire to help others.

The only thing she could donate was her corneas, but two people can now see because of Judy,” family spokeswoman Belinda Muncher said.
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Donor Story – Week 2: Caring Nurse Helps Donor Mom Give the Gift of Life, Sight

Right after her 16th birthday, Mandy Williams told her mother Denise Edmisten she wanted to be an organ donor upon getting her drivers license. Her mother’s response was a mama’s caring but emphatic “No.”

Two weeks later, Mandy was severely injured in a tragic automobile accident that left her hanging onto life at Jackson Hospital in Montgomery. As she lay motionless and on the verge of death, a compassionate and thoughtful nurse asked Denise about organ donation, sharing with her that there was no chance of survival for her daughter and that she could save lives and sight by agreeing to the request.

Again, Denise – overcome with tremendous sadness and remorse – said no. The nurse left her but came back a short while later with a different question: “Ms. Edmisten, I need to ask you another question about donation. What did your daughter want to do?”
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Donor Story – Week 1: Corner High School Cheerleader Mikal Ann Webb

Peter Wald of Seekonk, Massachusetts is a grateful man today because an Alabama family donated their daughter’s corneas after she died in a car wreck.

In November, 2011 high school senior Mikal Ann Webb was killed in a car accident as she spun out of control and struck a tree. Mikal’s parents used her death to remind students to be careful. To emphasize, they had her badly damaged Honda Civic hauled to the Corner High School, where it was displayed as a warning to others. A black and yellow wreath covered the windshield, and the side windows displayed pictures of Mikal with the words “slow saves” imprinted on them.

Peter says, “My sight just got worse and worse – 20/200 with a contact, but thanks to my donor, today I see very well.”
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